September 28, 2012

The Week That Was: Sept. 28, 2012

The markets finished ever so slightly down today, with the S&P 500 ending the day down 0.45%.  The Dow was off 0.36% and the Nasdaq moved down 0.65%.  These numbers concluded a down week overall, however, it was not enough […]
May 25, 2012

The Week That Was: May 25, 2012

The markets ended the week on a down note, with the S&P 500 down 0.22%, the Dow down 0.6%, and the Nasdaq down 0.07%.  Obviously these are not particularly steep drops, and can just as easily be classified as a […]
May 12, 2012

The Week That Was: May 12, 2012

The markets finished the day essentially flat after the excitement of Wednesday and Thursday.  The S&P 500 was down 0.34%, the Nasdaq was up 0.01%, and the Dow was down 0.27%. For a week without much economic news, it certainly […]
May 4, 2012

The Week That Was: May 4, 2012

The markets had their worst week of the year because of disappointing jobs data.  Today the Dow was down 1.27%, the Nasdaq was down 2.25%, and the S&P 500 was down 1.61%.  This week’s retreat brings us back near the […]
November 18, 2011

The Week That Was: Nov. 18, 2011

The markets ended a Euro-scare driven week by finishing essentially flat for the day.  The Dow was up 0.2%, the Nasdaq was down 0.6%, and the broader market index, the S&P 500 was down 0.04%.  The bond markets and commodities […]
October 27, 2011

The Week That Was: Oct. 27, 2011

Our Take on the European Deal The expected relief rally occurred worldwide following the announcement out of Europe that some agreements had been reached on a Euro-zone rescue package.   As with anything of this magnitude and scope, the devil […]
October 21, 2011

The Week That Was: Oct 21, 2011

Today the markets were up broadly on a spate of good news.  The Dow closed up 2.3%, the Nasdaq closed up 1.5%, and the S&P 500 closed up 1.8%.  Generally, the markets were reacting to all of the positive corporate […]
September 30, 2011

The Week That Was: Sept. 30, 2011

The equity markets finished off the third quarter with a whimper.  The Dow was down 2.2%, the S&P 500 was down 2.5%, and the Nasdaq was down 2.6% today.  This was the worst quarter of equity market performance in quite […]
September 23, 2011

The Week That Was: Sept. 23, 2011

Yesterday the Dow Jones Industrial Average capped off its worst week since the one ended October 10, 2008, with a weekly decline of 6.8%.   The other two major indices did not fare much better, with the S&P 500 down […]