Bishop & Associates employs a proprietary approach to managing client assets called, Panoramic Portfolio Management.

  • Rather than allocate funds among asset classes, we allocate them among investment strategies.
  • With the panoramic approach, we seek to improve returns by better controlling portfolio risk.
  • Our core equity strategy, which has been the cornerstone of our firm for over 70 years, is based on a conservative, top-down approach that seeks to achieve stable returns over the long term.
  • We employ highly diverse strategies using all available asset classes across broad time horizons.
  • Our active risk management approach seeks to identify assets that produce uncorrelated returns.


  • To enhance total portfolio returns, we may employ a variety of alternative strategies that complement our core equity strategy through low correlation.
  • To reduce volatility, we may use a variety of private equity, private debt, and non-publicly traded securities.
  • We typically use large cap core equity and high grade fixed income as a base for market exposure.
  • We proactively manage all client portfolios.